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Single Ingredient Supplements

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Key Ingredient Dosage Form Description
Ashwagandha/ Indian Ginseng Capsules/Tablets As per Ayurvedic texts, Ashwagandha helps in rejuvenating mind and body. It creates a healthy balance between the nervous system and the immune system.
Amla/ Indian Gooseberry Capsules/Tablets ‘Indian Gooseberry’ is considered as the richest natural source of Anti-oxidant. It acts as a strong immunity builder and restores energy.
Arjuna Capsules/Tablets Arjuna Tree Bark acts as a Cardioprotector. It helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure, lowering of blood lipid levels and maintaining healthy heart functioning.
Bael/ Indian Wood Apple Capsules/Tablets Also known as ‘Indian Wood Apple’. Bael helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It helps in controlling Diarrhoea, reducing gastric ulcers and preventing constipation.
Brahmi Capsules/Tablets Brahmi helps in maintaining mental alertness. It helps to promote mental health, improve memory and prevent age-related memory problems.
Lasuna/ Garlic Capsules/ Tablets Garlic aids in regulating cholesterol. It helps in lowering the blood lipid levels.
Sunthi/Ginger Capsules/Tablets Ginger helps in relieving nausea, motion sickness, and gastric discomfort. It aids in maintaining healthy digestion
Karela/Bitter gourd Capsules/Tablets Karela helps in reducing high sugar levels. It also aids in blood purification.
Neem/ Indian Margosa Capsules/Tablets Neem has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help in fighting acne-growth. It also acts as a blood purifier.
Tulsi/Basil Capsules/Tablets Tulsi promotes optimum respiratory support. It’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are useful in reducing respiratory tract infections.
Shatavari Capsules/Tablets Shatavari is used as a female reproductive tonic and hormone balancer. It helps in overcoming fatigue and promotes mental and physical health. It also promotes lactation in nursing mothers.
Shallaki/ Boswellia serrata Capsules/Tablets Shallaki is used mainly for aiding in arthritis and muscular pains. It is also used as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
Triphala Capsules/Tablets Triphala helps in relieving constipation. It supports normal bowel movement and aids in detoxification of bowels.
Vasaka /Adhatoda vasica Capsules/Tablets Vasaka helps in maintaining a healthy respiratory system. It is useful in soothing bronchial inflammation and relieving chest congestion.
Moringa/Moringa oleifera Capsules/Tablets Moringa is considered as Indian superfood for thousands of years. It is a rich source of anti-oxidant which improves overall health. It also possesses anti-inflammatory action.
Dalchini/ Cinnamon Capsules/Tablets Cinnamon manages blood sugar level. It is also helpful in improving metabolism and relieving joint pains.
Hoodia gordonii Capsules/Tablets Also knowns as Bushman’s hat which is grown in South Africa and Namibia. It has natural properties which help in modulating appetite, burn fat and energize your body.
Spirulina Capsules/Tablets Spirulina is a superfood (a rich source of protein) which corrects nutritional imbalance, build immunity and helps to fight against free radicals. It slows down the process of aging. Also, it maintains normal and healthy eyesight
Haldi/Turmeric Capsules/Tablets Turmeric acts a natural anti-oxidant. It is used as an anti-inflammatory and also helps in joint health.