Manufacturing Dosage Forms

Our manufacturing plant at Noida is Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliant with the most modern state of art facility to manufacture therapeutic dosage form of:

  • Solid Orals: Tablets, Capsules, Granules, Powders
  • Liquid Orals: Syrup, Suspension

  • Topicals: Cream, Ointment, Gel, and Lotions

  • Instillation Types: Nasal, Ear, and Eye Drops

  • Paste like Chaywanprash

Our Manufacturing Policy

  • Pre-production analysis of raw material used in the manufacturing to ensure that final product is of prescribed quality and free from microbial contamination.
  • The manufacturing process complies with SOPs as prescribed to maintain the standards.
  • All the processes are regularly validated, calibrated, and upgraded as and when necessary.
  • Quality Control is rigorous and followed at every stage.
  • The manufactured products are released after they adhere to international quality standards
  • Products are free of heavy metals and pesticides and are Non-GMO