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Internal detoxification has always been a fundamental principle in natural medicine. Inner cleansing involved supporting the healthy elimination of metabolic waste that may otherwise upset inner balance and contribute to poor physical health and reduced vitality.

Hepnix Syrup
Dosage : Syrup

Uses : Useful in liver disorders, Hepatitis, Anorexia

Key Ingredients
Picrorrhiza kurrora Phyllanthus acidus Andragraphis paniculata

Hepnix Tablet
Dosage :Tablet

Uses : Protects the liver against various hepato toxins, corrects liver dysfunctions and damage. It also induces appetitie while suffering from Jaundice.

Key Ingredients
Picorrhiza kurrora Phyllanthus acidus Andrographis paniculata

Reguliv (Tab.)
Dosage : Tablet

Uses : Protects the liver against various hepatotoxins, promotes appetite and growth.

Key Ingredients
Cichorium intybus Mandur bhasma Tinospora cordifolia
Solanum nigrum Terminalia arjuna Tamarix gallica
Cassia occidentalis Nigella sativa Picorrhiza kurrora
Adrographis paniculata Berberis aristata Eclipta alba
Boerhaavia diffusa Emblica officinalis Terminalia chebula.

Reguliv (Syrup)
Dosage : Syrup

Uses : Used in Liver Disorder

Key Ingredients
Cichorium intybus Phyllanthus niruri Eclipta alba
Solanum nigurm Terminalia arjuna Picorrhiza kurrora
Adrographis paniculata Tinospora cordifolia Berberis aristata
Boerhaavia diffusa Emblica officinalis Terminalia chebula
Cassia occidentalis Nigella satvia Tamarix gallica

Dosage : Syrup

Uses : Purifies the blood, prevents scabies, boils and other skin diseases.

Key Ingredients
Hemidesmus indicus Saraca indica Terminalia chebula
Ipomoea turpethum Tinospora cordifolia Andrographis paniculata
Azadirachta indica Sphaeranthus indicus Rubia cordifolia
Curcuma longa Saccharum officinarum Acacia catechu
Inula racemosa Symplocos racemosa

Dosage : Capsule

Uses : Anorexia and indigestion. Liver damage due to alcohol hepatotoxic drugs etc. General liver dysfunction. Acute and chronic hepatitis. Jaundice, Fatty degeneration of liver and cirrhosis of liver.

Key Ingredients
Picorrhiza kurrora extract standardized for Bitters 5% Eclipta alba standarized for Wedlectorne 1% Phyllanthus niruri Standarized for phyllanthin 1%
Tinospora cordifolia standardized for Bitters 5% Boerhaavia diffusa Standardized for total Alkaloid 1%

Dosage : Capsule

Uses : Improves the function of liver and helpful in alcoholic intoxication

Key Ingredients
Khajur Kasni Kalmegh
Angur Amla Harar